Book Review: Communicating For A Change

Communicating For A Change by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones

The Quick: Andy explains his process for writing his weekend talks. First through story, then through step-by-step dissection of his method. Apparently, this book was written like 8 years ago and I’m only just now reading it.

The Stuff: I really like Andy’s message style and it was great to see behind the curtain a bit. I haven’t taught in a while, it made me want to get up and do it again. Seeing the work he puts into his talks is encouraging for a communicator who wonders if he spends too much time on little things. Overall, it made me want to be a metter communicator and put the necessary work in.

The Good: Cutting out the fat on the fable portion of the book helps a lot.

The Bad: Andy anticipates questions and push back and addresses them directly (err, that’s good), the trouble comes when he breezes through his explanation. I usually end up agreeing with him and would strongly prefer he “show his work”.

The Unexpected: For me, it was the mixed use of fable and exposition. I am over the business fable in general, but Lane has really cut out the unnecessary stuff you usually find bogging down the learning process- this allows for a conversational feel to the learning, making it easier to absorb… so, story is a good way to communicate?

The Bottom Line: If you communicate to two or more people at a time on a regular basis, this can change your communication for the better.

Pairs With: Everybody Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell.

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